Comprehensive plant documentation - secure and efficient

Do you, as a plant or special machine manufacturer, create comprehensive or project-related documentation?
Do you have a large volume of supplier documentation and have to deliver several versions?
Do you find the creation of directories, lists and overviews very time-consuming?
Despite print documentation, do you want to provide online documentation for the Internet, mobile devices and portals?

The Challenges

  • You need a number of different documents for plant documentation. These include supplier documents such as plans and drawings, certificates, project documentation and mo
  • You have to provide multiple versions of documentation.
  • You organize your documentation with a lot of time and effort into project directories, with multiple filing procedures and unclear versions.
  • You create complex lists and overviews and use project-based information such as technical data, item lists, etc.

The Solution

With the TIM package "Plant Documentation", you organize all of your documentation in the corresponding Document Management System.
Supplier documents, plans, drawings, etc. are optimally maintained and can be easily accessed at any time. From this pool of documents, TIM automatically compiles the plant documentation on the basis of parts lists. It controls the output of plant documentation as a complete PDF with integrated supplier documentation, for web apps, for portals, for mobile documentation or in the form of a DVD with navigation.

Each document is recorded once and flexibly assigned to the projects. You can see at a glance the projects in which a certain document is used, which version was last referenced and which languages are available.

With the TIM package "Plant documentation", you can take control of all texts, graphics and media. You create your texts so that they are structured with the integrated editor. Graphics are opened by double clicking them in the corresponding application. All media objects such as videos or animations are organized by the integrated media management of TIM ENTERPRISE

Your Benefits

  • You always have an overview of your extensive plant documentation.
  • You automatically compile your plant documentation with all documentation.
  • You incorporate your supplier documentation efficiently into the plant documentation.
  • You ensure a high level of quality for your documentation via standard templates.
  • You not only deliver paper format, but also DVD and online formats - i.e. multi-channel options from a single source.
  • Sie erreichen Revisionssicherheit, denn Sie kennen Ihre Historie per Knopfdruck.
  • You achieve auditing acceptability, as you can access your history at the touch of a button.