All information available anywher, anytime – simply mobile

The communication between manufacturers and customers is changing rapidly. On the competitive stage, it is more important than ever to provide up-to-date product information that is well prepared, location-independent and easily accessible.

New access options via mobile devices are being created to cover the entire spectrum of product communication. The emphasis here is on information as a unit of meaning (topic), with the document as a whole taking a back seat.

The Challenges

  • You want your customers as well as your sales and service teams to be able to access product information from their mobile devices.
  • You want to provide documentation on mobile devices as well as in service portals.
  • You want the display of information to be compatible with any device.
  • You want to offer your customers various options to access the information, via the products and via a search function.

The Solution

The content management system TIM ENTERPRISE provides the documentation in the form of a mobile app, thereby offering another option for distributing your valuable information. The information is no longer provided in document format, but rather information access is guaranteed via the function, task or even via errors, etc.

Modular information is made available to the various user groups via a state-of-the-art HTML5 app, which supports responsive design. The integrated navigation concept offers different navigation paths within the app and ensures intuitive use.

The use of HTML5 technology and a presentation via the installed browser enables offline consultation.

Your Benefits

  • Your customers, service technicians and employees can access your product information anywhere, anytime.
  • As the app design is responsive, it easily adapts to the vertical and horizontal format of the device and looks great from every angle.
  • Thanks to advanced search methods and taxonomies or via scan codes (QR), the user is able to find any required information quickly and easily.