Individual products - individual documentation

Are you running a sophisticated variant production system and need to deliver the right documentation?
Are you working with a modular system or using a configurator to flexibly design your products?
Do your customers want more than just PDFs, but also mobbile documentation?
Are your machines or systems software-controlled and do you need to take these variants into consideration in the documentation also?

The Challenges

  • You have a large number of variants that need to be documented.
  • The information specific to the variant or project must be appropriate andup-to-date in the documentation.
  • You have to adapt the documentation for every order, which involves considerable time and effort.
  • You have to repeatedly allow for a number of technical features in the documentation.
  • Your customer expects individual documentation for his individual product, but still gets standard documentation.


With the TIM package "Individual Documentation", you can create the right, order-based documentation for each individual product and take control of the variety of your product variants in the documentation also.

The TIM package "Individual Documentation" has a sophisticated variant management system, with product variants also being represented in the documentation. It assigns the modules to certain variants and classifies them via metadata.
The package takes into account variants specific to the product, target group and market. Depending on the customer order, individual, suitable documentation is created.

The TIM package "Individual Documentation" directly incorporates the customer data, order data and technical features into the documentation, e.g. from SAP. If SAP provides variant information, TIM uses this as control information to generate individual documentation for each device or machine variant.

The TIM package "Individual Documentation" checks information on parts lists from development for completeness and automatically generates publications on the basis of production and design parts lists.


  • You provide your customer with individual documentation for his individual product - fast and reliably.
  • The time and effort needed for individually adapting the documentation are dramatically reduced thanks to highly integrated and automated processes - cost-effective and efficient.
  • Despite the number of variants, you keep an overview of your documentation - ensuring you are always kept up to date.