We leave nothing to chance

Competent solution partner

We are your partner when it comes to implementing efficient authoring processes in your company. We can offer you innovative solutions for all the core processes in the areas of authoring, terminology, translation, publication and information management. We will implement our own developments or partner solutions with a high level of competence and expertise to your advantage and to suit your requirements.

High degree of customer satisfaction

The qualified project team from the TIM implementation will also normally support you in subsequent projects. That means you will be guaranteed a high degree of customer proximity and customer knowledge. Our known and proven project method from the TIM implementation will also be used throughout subsequent projects.

Modularisation, structuring and classification

We will be at your side as a partner from the very beginning. During the implementation phase, we will develop modularisation, structuring and classification concepts together. At the same time, we will establish how your documents, modules and graphics interact in your daily authoring work. The quick location and reuse of information will decisively determine the success of your solution.

Specialist in mobile documentation

In mobile documentation, modularisation becomes the central aspect of preparing information and is to be regarded less under the aspect of compilation than before, but rather under the aspect of using and distributing modularised information. New search and find strategies via metadata and classification of information are the key to information, particularly on mobile end devices.

We would be happy to advise you.

Longterm solution partnerWe will provide you with responsible and reliable advice with the aim of being able to establish a productive solution to your satisfaction at your company.