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Industry 4.0 catches the spirit of the editors in Dresden and Arnstadt

At the invitation of the tekom's regional groups Saxony and Thuringia Dr. Walter Fischer, CEO of Fischer Computertechnik FCT AG, examined the changes, effects and changes which Industry 4.0 involves for the technical product communication. On both evenings, on January 26, 2015 in Dresden and on January 27, 2015 in Arnstadt he discussed this current topic with highly interested participants.

Dr. Walter Fischer covered the spectrum from Industry 4.0 to the product communication 4.0 to put smart, modern products on the market and to provide any information available in any place at any time to different target groups. He showed which new requirements this approach involves and presented various solution concepts. With the help of concrete examples he examined - what does this mean for the technical documentation - from the creation of information throughout the distribution via a Content Delivery Portal. Furthermore, Dr. Fischer took a closer look to the fact what noticeable effects Industry 4.0 has with regard to the daily business of a technical editor.

Jörg Hennig, head of the tekom's regional group Saxony summed the evening up in this way: „The subsequent and never-ending discussion showed that the lecture of Dr. Fischer caught the spirit of the participants. In the follow-up most of the participants took the opportunity to intensively exchange their experiences. All participants agreed that the evening was very successful and revealed approaches for many innovative ideas".

tekom-Regionalgruppentreffen in Dresden dated 26/01/2015Many thanks for the invitation to tekom's regional groups Saxony and Thuringia regarding the highly topical subject Industry 4.0, which accepted Dr. Walter Fischer with pleasure taking one step further to product communication 4.0.