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COM&TEC May 2014: "How to integrate DITA into a premium CMS"

14.05.2014, Bologna (Italien)

Dr. Walter Fischer, CEO of Fischer Computertechnik AG deals with the issue „How to integrate DITA into a premium CMS“ in his presentation at the COM&TEC in Bologna (Italy) on 14th May 2014.

DITA is one of the most successful structuring methodes worldwide. FCT AG integrated DITA into TIM 4.0 with a specialization in machinery, plant and equipment engineering, in order to make better use of DITA in these areas. Variant handling, parts list based generation, maintenance tables, error diagnostics and other typical requirements will be covered by DITA in TIM 4.0.

With the symbiosis of DITA with its topic-oriented structure and TIM 4.0 with its flexible information model an innovative, standardized and sustainable information management system is created. It offers the opportunity to share modular information between companies, suppliers or departments quickly and safely. It creates an international information model for the machinery, plant and equipment engineering and therefore, the foundation to meet the future challenges of industry 4.0.