Hirschmann uses TIM

As a specialist in automation and networking systems, Hirschmann Automation and Control offers a complete, integrated structure for data communication throughout the company. Hirschmann belongs to the US-American company Belden Inc.

Multi-volume manuals

Hirschmann uses the XML content management system TIM and FrameMaker® for creating software, hardware and OEM product manuals, which are delivered in several volumes and four languages.

TIM variant management

The functional scope of the software is the basis for the number of manual variants. The technical writers create a master document which describes all functions and in which variant information is assigned to the XML modules. During publishing, TIM analyzes and filters the master document and delivers a new, software specific document.

Online-help with JavaHelp and HTML

Hirschmann provides their customers with comfortable, context-sensual online-help functions. Already during creating the technical writers define entry points. From the XML document TIM delivers a JavaHelp file for the net management program. An XSLT filter delivers several HTML files from the XML document for web based Java applications.

Quick translation process

Gehard Braun, Technical Documentation Manager: „Innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter, which requires faster translation and finishing processes. This works no longer without technical support, which we get from TIM."