„At home in all fields, worldwide" (CLAAS)

CLAAS is one of the world leading manufacturers of harvesting equipment and covers all requirements of complete processing in field treatment and agriculture. In Europe CLAAS is the market leader in harvesting machines and the number one in mobile field shredders worldwide. CLAAS is a manufacturer in 7 German and foreign production locations. These are also very successful suppliers for several other branches.

Controlled processes

To reduce the translation costs significantly and to ensure unique and controlled tutorial processes, CLAAS decided to use the XML tutorial and content management system TIM. Additionally, TIM supports the organising and providing of all created information and documents for the e-business suppliers platform.

Manuals, Instructions, ...

The operating instructions, repair manuals and rebuilding instructions of CLAAS-machines are very extensive. Because of the very versatile usage of a harvester for several kinds of cereals all necessary rebuildings are described in special manual instructions.

CLAAS specific DTD/EDD

The CLAAS tutors create their structured technical manuals by using TIM and FrameMaker as the editor. They are working with a CLAAS-specific DTD/EDD (Document Type Definition) based on a special FCT-Documents Definition created and customized by Fischer Computertechnik.

Complete Book Translation

Over 30000 pages per year have to be translated into 26 languages by the CLAAS-tutors. TIM provides and supports the continuous translation process. Complete books are overhanded automatically to the Translation Memory System (TMS) as XML for translation. The translated books are checked in into TIM automatically as well, afterwards.

TIM for Online and Print

For the high resolution publications on papers and the e-business suppliers portal the data come from the same source. Like for many other FCT-customers the CLAAS tutorial and content management system TIM stands for single source publishing.

Several CLAAS production locations

TIM enables the CLAAS production locations Harsewinkel, Saulgau, Metz (France) to network together. Based on a Terminal Server Solution the technical tutors work together just like in one office.

Already in 1973 CLAAS released the automobile field shredder JAGUAR worldwide. Today is the JAGUAR the top seller in field shredders worldwide.