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Lenze uses TIM

Lenze, a globally operating specialist on motion-centric automation, offers an extensive portfolio of products and services, from control and visualization to electrical drives and electromechanics, as well as engineering services and tools; all from a single source.

Clients receive support from an international network of sales and field application engineers. Together with the client, Lenze experts develop integrated drive and automation solutions which simplify the execution, production and service of machines. Based in Aerzen, Germany, the holding company comprises 53 companies and around 3,400 dedicated employees.

Besides its network of service partners, Lenze operates sales and service offices, R&D facilities, production plants and distribution centers in 60 countries, across all continents. That way, clients everywhere can rely on excellent technical know-how, innovative ideas and top quality standards whenever they see the label “Made by Lenze”. Lenze stands for productivity, reliability and simplicity.

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Lenze Success Story

FCT and TIM 4.0 is the ideal combination for us for client-oriented product communication.

Right from the initial phase of our marketing resource management (MRM) project, FCT offered us advice and support. This joint approach that we have developed has contributed to a very innovative and future-proof solution for Lenze. The roll-out, from TIM 4.0 to the first finished document, only took 6 months. The collaboration in the joint implementation team was excellent. Our upstream lean data management system and TIM 4.0 as an integral editing system form a continuous XML route right through to the finished publication. Multi-channel communication could not be better or more straightforward.

Jörg Wunder
Head of Product Management Sales Media
Lenze SE

Lenze stands for productivity, reliability and simplicity.Lenze stands for productivity, reliability and simplicity.


  • The introduction of modular products at Lenze, and the resulting product variety, means that information material from the Lenze brand must be made available in a more flexible way
  • Target-oriented preparation of information and specific provision for the actual field application
  • Introducing a digital asset management system for distribution of all images, media and documents across the company, worldwide


  • Introducing the content management system TIM 4.0 with innovative information management and classification of information objects according to

               - application area
               - project lifecycle at the client end
               - products and versions

  • Introducing a mechanism which automatically compiles individual information products based on the classification of the hardware configuration (SAP) and the software configuration (Polarion)
  • Company-wide, i.e. global, access to all media via WebClients
  • Integrating Lenze product development, marketing and technical documentation in the solution design


  • Consistent brand communication
  • Documentation is individually and automatically compiled for each product
  • The client can access individual information quickly
  • Focus is placed on the client; not the product and its features
  • The documentation is also used as online help
  • Enhanced quality and increased efficiency in documentation workflows
  • Integrated perspective on processes in the area of corporate communications
  • Replacement of existing proprietary solutions with TIM 4.0


  • TIM 4.0 content management system with TIM-XMAX XML editor
  • TIM 4.0 variant management with collect mechanism for compiling existing modules using metadata
  • TIM 4.0 generator with integrated interface for SAP and Polarion; the software tool for functional descriptions
  • TIM 4.0 AssetManager with WebClients

Motion Centric Automation Lenze is a globally operating specialist on motion-centric automation

Qualitätsverbesserung und EffizienzsteigerungEnhanced quality and increased efficiency in documentation workflows

Success Story Lenze