Andreas Freidel DEUTZ AG
Andreas Freidel
Manager Information Systems / CAD


"DEUTZ AG is one of the leading independent manufacturers of diesel and gas motors worldwide with service points in more than 130 countries. Thanks to the content management system TIM of Fischer Computertechnik, the work involved in the company's service documentation, comprising over 150,000 pages, has been radically reduced. The company now invests the time gained in documentation for its new products which are developed in increasingly shorter cycles, and the areas where they are sold continue to grow."

Gerhard Stix Doka Industrie GmbH
Gerhard Stix
Manager Technical Documentation

Doka Industrie GmbH

"Our catalogues are distributed worldwide in 20 languages. Thanks to the content management system TIM, we save over 1,000 hours a year, which we prefer to dedicate to looking after our customers."