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Adobe DITA World 2017 – Die DITA Online Konferenz

10.10. – 12.10.2017, Online Konferenz

Wir möchten Sie herzlich zur Teilnahme an der Adobe DITA World 2017 vom 10. bis 12. Oktober 2017 einladen. Die Online Konferenz unseres Partners Adobe beschäftigt sich mit Themen rund um DITA, Adobe FrameMaker und Adobe DITA CCMS (XML Documentation Add-on für Adobe Experience Manager) und weiteren spannenden Themen. Die Referenten sind zahlreiche Experten aus den Bereichen Technische Kommunikation, Marketing, DITA©, Content Management und Übersetzungsdienstleistungen.

Wir sind stolz, ebenfalls mit einem Vortrag teilnehmen zu können.

Turn the right keys and content falls into place’…

Magda Caloian, Business Consultant und DITA Spezialist bei fct
Mittwoch, 11. Oktober, 13:00 Uhr

Make the most of your DITA single-source projects. Writing and maintaining product information involves collecting and organising technical data and graphics for multiple products, in multiple languages and publishing the information sets on multiple channels.

Data sheets, screenshots and illustration grids, error messages... managing these data in topics manually, is of course tiresome and prone to error. Yet by defining the right information architecture for your projects and by training your tech pubs teams to work with keymaps and to write for reuse, you can generate entire product information sets automatically.

To take it to the next level, why not prepare the templates for the publication, and let the product data fall into the intended slots through turn-key stylesheets. Find out how working with keys ensures consistency, accuracy and flexibility of your product information.

Magda Caloian organises monthly DITA users meetups by Lake Constance, Germany and works as a Business Consultant and DITA Expert at fct AG. Her work has a double focus: "I assist content writers and managers to discover and adopt the best author experience for their teams;  at the same time, I remind writers that documentation has to be easy to find, easy to understand, easy to use." Her 15-year experience in technical communication as Information Architect, Consultant, and DITA Trainer, along with a BA in Management, an MSc in Project Management, and tekom certification in Technical Documentation, shaped an interesting mix of expertise in structured documentation, DITA, and information systems implementation.

Adobe DITA World 2017

Magda CaloianMagda Caloian, Business Consultant und DITA Spezialist bei fct

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